Friday, January 10, 2014

Shiva Trilogy...

When the thought process to write on Shiva Trilogy began, I presumed that it does not require a review. The trilogy speaks for itself, with its extensively intricate cover designs, which lures any reader and the massive response to the author Amish Tripathi’s first attempt at writing.

I would not call this a review. It is my take on what the author has intended to pass on to the world. I must tell you specifically that this piece of work is beyond spirituality and religion, beyond cultures, race, caste and all the man made discrimination in society.

Anybody can pick up the books, a non Indian too, and I assure you that they would finish it within a few days. Also, for all those people who think that the book might be a layman’s take on mythology or Indian mythology simplified, well, I warn you that you would be disappointed.

At most times, Indian mythology is equalised to the thousands of reincarnations that the Trimurthy or TridevBrahma, Vishnu and Shiva take. I do not know if it is ignorance or just lack of knowledge that most of the Indian population are not really aware of all the reincarnations.

Again, I must warn you that this book just does not touch reincarnations. Also, do not compare the mythology to this.

So, do not pick the book having a certain mindset. Pick the book with a blank mind and just go with the flow.

The trilogy – The Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of the Nagas and The Oath of the Vayuputras is an author’s understanding of mankind. It gives you a scientific explanation to what we know as Indian civilisation and our system.

Yes, what you can expect from the book is a whole lot new and a more sensible understanding of the existence and belief in God. Lord Shiva, also known as the Destroyer of Evil, is a magnificent character of will power, raw manhood, a warrior, a dancer, a singer, a romantic, a father, a lover, a husband, a decision maker and a reliable individual. He is a modern man born in an age old world with his liking towards alcohol and marijuana.

The book covers all issues from global warming, politics, crime, music, dance, culture, traditions, sports, history, geography, science, transport system, infrastructure, communication, international affairs, water system, medicine, health, terrorism, women empowerment, child development, education, business, patriotism and several others. Amish does not stop there. The seven vices are also incorporated in some way or the other by the author.

It took me one year to actually pick the first book – The Immortals of Meluha. But then, when I did, it took me less than 12 hours to finish the book and order the next one – The Secret of the Nagas. And then the wait was unbearable. I have chewed my nails wondering how is Lord Shiva going to fight Evil.

The character Lord Shiva enthrals you, grips you, makes your heart pound as Amish unfolds each character associated with him like Nandi, Badra, Bruhaspati and several others. From the discovery of the Neelkanth to the understanding of his purpose on Earth, his third eye, to being called the Mahadev, his association with the moon (Chandravanshis) and the sun (Suryavanshis), his association to the snake, river Ganga, the trishul, the rudraksh, the damru and marijuana astounds you as Amish fills you in with mind-boggling information. The love that brews between Sati and Shiva takes you to an entirely different universe. Lord Shiva’s love for his sons Ganesh and Karthik, his understanding of what is Good and Evil, his encounters with the Vasudevs and Parihas, his moments of pain and anger, his moments of joy and oneness, his moments of loss and gain, the understanding of heaven and hell, the understanding of Lord Ram and his idea of civilisation, who is described as a common man again, Lord Shiva’s idea of war and peace, his idea of friendship and many more comes through.

Sati is portrayed as today’s woman. Every woman will associate herself with this character of poise, beauty, intelligence, principles and independence. And her love for her man is undying and eternal.

The climax will definitely surprise you. The Oath of the Vayuputras is a mountain of interesting events that will leave you completely intrigued.

The books have a moral that should be understood by the reader and not told aloud. Each person would connect to the book in his or her own way, but, the feeling is of peace.

It takes you on a journey of not just India, but, the universe. From Mount Kailash and Tibet to South India, Amish, takes you on an emotional battlefield.

If I have not already spoilt enough for you, it is time that you own the Shiva Trilogy and let your thoughts and emotions flow. Remember, there is a scientific reasoning to everything!

Om Namah Shivaya. 


Dosti Shayari said...

The virtual life story of Lord Shiva is very well imagined by AMISH and expressed in a very nice manner.. once you start reading you don't feel to do anything expect reading the book. its an awesome book. And also the Best Series released in INDIA. . :) Must Read. . :)

Anonymous said...

Francis P Barclay