Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nostalgia and all that...

This city always amazes me on every visit. More intimidating and exciting are people and the tiny to huge experiences that make you smile, cry, wonder and maybe call out for help. Yet, you would never leave with disgust or disappointment.

From the first time to the last time, which is a week ago in March 2013, Mumbai has given me reasons to smile and the other emotions :) Nevertheless less important.

This time a relatively longer visit compared to the frequent 24 hours stop to just say hello to my ex boyfriend ;)  do not wonder why at all!!! thats not it, quick work related visits too :D

Well, my heart belongs to the food in Mumbai. It is never enough!!!

I really do not know why I have met a million Mumbaikars [not the real ones ;)]who ask, "why do you like Mumbai?" I do not intend to answer that here at all. It is just so archaic and boring to answer this question.

When I say it amazes me, imagine this, "you could be on a bus and a random person starts a conversation, shows you places while on the bus ride, simultaneously checking if you have heard of it before, if not, then you would get some quick tit bits, gives you directions, talks to you like they have known you for a lifetime and also tells you the best places to eat and dine". Well, all this after you have lived in and out of Mumbai for several years now :) You have no chance to say, "I know this place".

From the start of my profession as a journalist to this last visit, I have easily bumped into people who have given me some good memories, at least ones I would mention in every conversation about Mumbai. From Balaji Telefilms offering me K serial roles, to people offering me lunch when I was lost the first time in Mumbai, to people making random conversations about their lives, some of them love lives ;), its just never ending.

I do not want to say anything more cause, all I intended was to say, when everything looks bleak, there is that one chance that opens up and pushes you to keep trying ;)