Friday, November 5, 2010

Terrorists and their motive

This was one of my good exclusives in Times Now. This is an interrogation statement of two Indian Mujahiddin terrorists who reveal a lot on the Bangalore chinnaswamy stadium blasts. The link to my story with details of the interrogation is down below.

ATS: Who was behind the Bangalore stadium blasts?
Terrorist: Indian Mujahiddin. The ISI planned and executed the attack with the help of Indian Mujahiddin.

ATS: Where was the attack planned?
Terrorist: Karachi, at the training camp where most IM terrorists part of the module were present.

ATS: When was it planned?
Terrorist: Sometime in late 2009. We were present there for training.

ATS: Who was given the responsibility to carry out the attack?
Terrorist: Riaz Bhatkal. His brother Yasin Bhatkal was also present. The Bhatkal brothers had complete control of South India.

ATS: What explosives were planned to be used?
Terrorist: They were planning to use gelatin with detonators

ATS: Where were these explosives manufactured?
Terrorist: In Bhatkal village near Mangalore in Karnataka.

ATS: How big is the module for the Bangalore stadium blasts?
Terrorist: There were several local IM operatives who were working under Bhatkal brothers. None of them were there in Karachi, as Riaz Bhatkal was handling it directly.

ATS: Did you meet Riaz Bhatkal?
Terrorist: Yes. He spoke to us. We were part of the module. We were aware of it. We were sent to Dubai also where this was talked about.

ATS: What was the motive behind the attack?
Terrorist: We were constantly told that the removal of Pakistan cricket team from IPL was the reason for the attack?

ATS: What else did they tell you?
Terrorist: They told us that the blasts which have been taking place in Pakistan since 2009 was on the behest of India.

ATS: Did you believe that?
Terrorist: We were constantly brainwashed and told that India was behind the attacks. We had no reasons to not believe.

ATS: Who are the IM operatives in Karnataka?
Terrorist: Most of them are in Bhatkal only. Mousin Choudhary is also part of the module. But, Riaz Bhatkal was the key operator.

ATS: Where is Riaz Bhatkal now?
Terrorist: We were told that he is in Karachi.

ATS: Were you aware of the Pune German bakery blast also?
Terrorist: Yes. We were told about it. And we did know that it would happen immediately after the Bangalore blasts.

ATS: Who was behind that?
Terrorist: The same IM module led by Riaz Bhatkal and Mousin Choudhary.

ATS: Do you regret having been a terrorist?
Terrorist: We could never figure what is right or wrong. We were constantly told that we had to destabilize the Indian economy.